How Much is Bet on the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race in the world every year. That’s why it’s no surprise that the manage to the Kentucky Derby is the highest of any race. Millions of people from all over the globe bet at sportsbooks that are internet and various live tracks.
While it is not known how much is bet anywhere, I’ve pulled up some amounts from Churchill Downs and North American Racetracks in recent years. Let’s take a look at these gambling totals, in addition to the attendance numbers.
North American Racetracks: Money Bet on the Derby (Simulcast)
Betting on the Kentucky Derby at 2019 set records across the board. All these wagers totaled $165.5 million last year, up 10% from $149.9 million in 2018. There really is nothing like it.
We’ve included wagering levels for the entire day of racing (program), as well as the principal event (race). On-track numbers show the amount of money wagered at Churchill downs on the day of the race, although the numbers from all source signify money coming in from All Around the country at casinos/racetracks Offering simulcast betting on the Derby.Attendance at Churchill Downs & Total On-Track Wagers
Attendance at the course came in at 150,729 at 2019, the fourth consecutive year that the race has witnessed a drop in ticket revenue. More and more people are choosing to watch the race as ticket prices continue to rise. It is still an experience that any fan should attempt at least once, however the quality of coverage on the race has gotten so good that it is not as big of a draw as it was previously.
It has seen a steady drop from that peak since, although the record for attendance was put back with 170,513 fans packed into Churchill Downs in 2015. Until there is a large name running just like Bob Baffert’s American Pharaoh in 2015, these amounts are likely to stay close to the average for the past 10-15 decades.